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Women's History Month - Together We Shall Persist

MStreetX's newsletter continues to bring you the top stories and breaking news that impacts business, the economy, and this month some news celebrating the reauthorization of SSBCI and Women's History Month!

SSBCI 2.0.

On March 11, President Biden signed into law the American Rescue Plan Act of 2021. The “Act” reauthorizes SSBCI with an allocation of $10 Billion dollars. Our CEO and former Treasury SSBCI Official, David Rixter, managed a portfolio of state grantees with SSBCI.  With SSBCI, David led and designed (systems-approach) Treasury’s Inclusive and Rural Entrepreneurship convenings across the nation focusing on the structural barriers that prevent underserved communities from participating in our economy. Many states practice the systems approach in their communities today. David envisioned SSBCI being the anchor for economic activity in our country due to its dynamic elements such as, flexibility and place-based economics.  SSBCI 2.0, will provide  5x-10x additional capital  to state economic development agencies. Big, Bold and Out-of-the-Box thinking is key in driving economic competitiveness with inclusive and equitable growth. Furthermore, the pandemic has accelerated our collective wisdom  to ensure resources get to the most vulnerable in our nation and the globe. MStreetX is an innovation borne from David’s intimate knowledge and experience working at SSBCI and in the private sectors. We encourage our Community of Practitioners to leverage their platforms to ensure all communities, rural and urban have access to resources. For those interested in knowing how MStreetX can support your state-run SSBCI 2.0 program and/or any other consultation services related to economic development please reach out to Source

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Superheroes’ are viewed as indestructible beings who have superhuman abilities to fight the villain in a story. Marvel has disrupted and challenged our cognitive curiosity in exploring the story of Wanda Maximoff in WandaVison. Previously, Wanda played supporting roles in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU). WandaVision immediately thrust viewers into Wanda’s complicated but common story of pain, love, motherhood and what it truly means to be a woman with “abilities.” A must see for those who believe the underdog will prevail and to honor all women as they are all superheroes-celebrate Women's History Month. Source

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House Passes Two Bills, Pushing Women’s Rights Onward

In light of Women’s History Month, the democratic led House has passed two bills, one to remove deadlines for states to ratify the Equal Rights Amendment (ERA), and one created in order to protect women from domestic violence. The ERA’s ratification deadline passed 222-204, while the reauthorization of the Violence Against Women Act passed 244-172. Both of these bills go up against a more tumultuous path in the almost center split Senate.Source

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New Archeology Findings Show that Women May Have Ruled Spain in Bronze Age.

Archeologists have uncovered a burial site at La Almoloya, in the Spanish region of Murcia that suggests women held high political ruling power. The burial grounds are the final resting ground of many women crowned with silver diadems and other valuable objects, alongside elite warriors, which suggest that these women were viewed as having very high status. Archaeologists have stated that the site is “one of the most lavish burials of the European Early Bronze Age.” The building in which the burial site has been found is considered a palace, and the burial rooms could be referred to as a “parliament”, this then suggests that the diadems represent the woman’s power stemming from politics. Source

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Twelve Women added to Executive Board of Tokyo Olympics

In a symbolic move pushing gender equality, the Tokyo Olympics Executive Board adds 12 women. This raises the total number of women on the board to 19, or 42% of the total 45 members. The size of the board was raised from 35 to 45, however, more space was created after several resignations. Including Yoshiro Mori the former president of the organizing committee who was forced to resign after making derogatory statements about women. Seiko Hashimoto took his place and prompted the changes. Source

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Samia Suluhu Hassan Elected Tanzania’s First Woman President

Hassan was elected in 2015 as then president John Magufuli’s Vice President, but Magufuli passed away suddenly this week and Hassan was sworn in. President Hassan’s first role was addressing the nation of the sad news of Magufuli’s passing, and announcing she would be the country’ head of state. Hassan is Africa’s only current female national leader. Hassan is a well liked leader, and popular among the other politicians, describing her as a very “capable leader”, and affectionately known as “Mama Samia” by the whole country,  which is an affectionate term of respect. Source

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