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Pop-Up SSBCI Best Practices, Innovative strategies for 2.0 and Inclusive Entrepreneurship Convening

November 8th, 2021

Best practices - Debt programs and VC programs

LA SSBCI (LG) - Brenda Guess

GA SSBCI (LG, LP) - Tim Smith (slides)

MS SSBCI (LG) - Sara Watson

Advantaged Capital - Michael Johnson, Managing Director (slides)

WA SSBCI (LP w CDFIs) - Walt Postlewait & Craft3 (slides)

CA SSBCI (LG, CSP) - Nancee Robles (slides)

ID SSBCI (CSP) - Cory Phelps

Innovative strategies for 2.0 and Technical Assistance

MStreetX Platform - Dr. Tyrone Grandison, Rabia Piacentini and David Rixter featuring Johanna Nelson (New Mexico Economic Development)


FutureView - Lia DiBello, Neil Sahota, and Edmund Chamberlain

State Science Technology Institute (SSTI) - Jason Rittenberg, Director (slides)

New Orleans BioInnovation Center - Kris Khalil (slides)

November 9th, 2021

Inclusive Entrepreneurship:  States provide concrete actions for targeting SEDI

Impact Investing: a tool of social and economic inclusion featuring

Sandra Moore, Chief Impact Officer, Advantage Capital (slides)


Kevin Dick, CEO, Carolina Small Business Development Fund (slides)

New Orleans Startup Fund

Jimmy Roussel, CEO


KG Charles-Harris, CEO, Quarrio

Network Kansas: Empower Advisory board and Broken Road

Steve Radley, Imagene Harris, Christina Long (slides)

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